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Created For Coaches, Therapists & Healers Who Are...

  • Done with doing this business thing alone!
  • Wants to reach more people and make more money by taking all, or part, of their business online
  • Struggling to create consistent leads & sales
  • Trying to put together the 500-piece business PUZZLE (without the picture, the process, or the people to help you)

Leigh Cooke

"A total game changer. I felt lost and overwhelmed. Since being part of Focused and Fearless, I have built strength, determination, focus and clarity. The things I have learnt have become part of my every day life, in business and at home. My mindset is clear and positive which means I can drive my business forward. If you need support and accountability, as well as practical help - Heather is your girl! I'm a much happier and positive person since knowing her.  If only I'd found her years ago!"

Kaye King

"Being part of the Focused and Fearless family is like having your own personal support team around your business. The advice and guidance we get from Heather is invaluable and it's a fact that my business wouldn't be where it is today without her support. Every member of the group celebrates when someone has a new client win or a breakthrough on something they've been stuck with. And other members are always there with wise words and sympathy when one of us hits those inevitable blocks. You couldn't ask for a more supportive, thriving group to be part of"

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