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Focused & Fearless is your step by step path to taking your offline business online and becoming the go to expert in your field 

Do you want to start an online business but feel confused, overwhelmed and stuck with all that is involved?
Are you tired of second guessing yourself all the time wondering if you're on the right path? 
Are you someone who wants to help others but lack the confidence & clarity to make it happen?
Are you done with working long hours with nothing to show for it? (other than the bags under your eyes and dwindling bank account)


Discover the proven strategies which have helped other members elevate themselves and their business.

“Being part of the Focused and Fearless family is like having your own personal support team around your business. The advice and guidance we get from Heather is invaluable and it's a fact that my business wouldn't be where it is today without her support."

Kaye, Focused & Fearless member July 2018 - Sept 2019

Become Focused & Fearless

Who is Focused & Fearless for?

You're in the right place if ..

You're a Coach or Therapist  looking to successfully navigate through these challenging times
You have an online business but it is not yet generating the consistent income you'd like
You have an offline business serving clients on a 1-1 basis but want to create online options such as a course or membership option so you can help more people. 
You are a coach or consultant looking to create online courses, memberships and/or training programmes 


Join Focused & Fearless

"Since being part of Focused and Fearless, I have built strength, determination, focus and clarity"

"Focused & Fearless is a total game changer."

"I felt lost and overwhelmed. Since being part of Focused and Fearless, I have built strength, determination, focus and clarity. The things I have learnt have become part of my everyday life, in business and at home"

"My mindset is clear and positive which means I can drive my business forward. If you need support and accountability, as well as practical help - Focused & Fearless is for you"


Discover and solve the issues that are holding you back

Design your personal strategy for inevitable success

Become the person your business needs you to be

You can have a profitable and fulfilling online business even if ...

...just thinking about the tech involved makes you break out in a cold sweat, and run for cover!
...your email list is, well...non existent! feel overwhelmed and like there aren't enough hours in the day don’t have a product or offer yet
...the thought of putting yourself "out there" terrifies you! 



Because no matter how good your intentions are, how many notebooks you have filled with ideas or how many hours you spend at your laptop NO ONE creates a successful business alone. 



"Heather immediately helped to clarify our thoughts, lay out a launch plan and identify a course structure that we otherwise would not have done."

"We’re currently in the lead up to the launch and it has been so much easier having a clear strategy in place... we definitely would be a mess if we were doing this on our own."


A look inside...

Focused & Fearless

What you get inside Focused & Fearless 

  • LIVE weekly group coaching calls with Heather where you'll receive targeted coaching on the areas of your business which are challenging you the most
  • MINDSET Support from  coach & therapist Alice who provides regular EFT, meditations, breath work & coaching to help you create success from the inside out
  • FOCUS to work on what matters in our weekly co working power sessions
  • SUPER responsive and supportive like-minded community where you can make connections and get any of your questions answered directly – without judgement
  • EXCLUSIVE members hub full of step by step business and personal development videos, downloads and audio to help you achieve greater performance and results
  • TRAINING designed to get you taking inspired action, rather stuck in the learning loop 
  • ACCOUNTABILITY every week with monthly accountability challenges to keep you moving forward
  • BONUS training sessions with expert speakers on subjects chosen to support your business and personal growth including Facebook Ads, Pinterest & Marketing
  • OPPORTUNITY to attend our quarterly in-person event *these are now held online until further notice 
  • FREEDOM - cancel your subscription any time 


    All of this for only £197 £97 a month! 


It’s ENTIRELY too easy to fall (head first) into the “I’ll just figure it all out myself" trap
...And it IS a trap.
It’s slower than cold syrup. (←Rough estimate.)
You spend hours watching free webinars & YouTube videos trying to piece it all together  And while you’re figuring it all out someone else is speaking to your audience and turning a profit. 
Trying to create a sustainable and profitable business on your own is like trying to complete a 1000 piece Jigsaw puzzle without knowing what the picture is!
it's unnecessarily hard!
In Focused & Fearless we've got your back every step of the way so that creating a profitable business is easier, faster and a whole lot more fun! 


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Become Focused & Fearless!

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