Reignite Your Inner Spark & Rediscover Your Power

Become A Reignited Woman


How many times have you thought "there must be more to life than this?"

How many months or even years have you spent working on your business but never quite got the results you know you're capable of? 

How many times have you put your partners desires & pleasure before your own?

How many times have you said yes to commitments with family or friends when you really wanted to say no?

How many times have you charged less than you know your services are worth?

How many times have you been treated badly or disrespected yet said nothing? 

Sadly, this list could go on & on because for too long strong, powerful, capable, gifted women like you have been staying small, staying hidden, staying quiet.

That stops now!

Your power is exactly what the world needs - it's time to own it!

I'm Ready to Reignite! Show me how

Who is Reignited Woman for? 

Reignited Woman is for those who are no longer willing to hide who they truly are.

Women who, for the longest time, have felt like they are playing small but know that they have so much more to offer.

Women who want to make a change in the world.

Who have repeatedly heard their souls call to step into their power and are no longer willing to ignore it

What is Reignited Woman?

Reignited Woman is an immersive & personally tailored 10 week, 1-2-1 experience which will free you from the fears beliefs & behaviour patterns that have been holding you back for too long 

The Nitty Gritty 

I understand you need to know the fine details so you can make an informed choice so here is EXATLY what will happen when you sign up

  1. After you sign up you will be taken to a thank you page which will have the link to my calendar so you can book in your first session. 
  2. Within 24hrs after you sign up you will also receive an email from me containing your pre session workbook. 
  3. The pre session workbook will help you identify the 3 areas of your life &/or business you wish to work on first and get clear on the change you wish to see.
  4. We will then work together via zoom every week for one hour. During these 1hr sessions we will work on the 3 areas using my unique blend of traditional coaching, energy clearing modalities & mentoring
  5. As is the nature of the work we'll do together shifts in awareness can become apparent in the following days which is why you get access to me via WhatsApp / Messenger for any additional support you may need
  6. After four weeks you get a week "off" for integration. The work we do together is profound and works on a very deep level so it is vital that you allow yourself time for the shifts to integrate & settle. 
  7. At week 6 we will review how you are feeling & the results you have seen so far. At this point we can continue working on the same three areas or, as can happen, one or more areas may feel completely resolved so you may choose something else to focus on.
  8. Week 9 will be your final session but you will have WhatsApp/ messenger access to me for a further 7 days 

Still have questions? There is an FAQ section at the bottom of this page

I'm Ready - Let's Do This!

One Time Payment


Best Value - Save £50

  • 10 weeks of coaching, energy clearing, mentoring & support tailored to your specific needs 
  • Support via WhatsApp/Messenger in between sessions to give you that safe space in which to ask any questions & share the shifts & breakthroughs you experience
  • Remove long held blocks, limiting beliefs & fears from your energetic fields using a unique blend of proven energy clearing techniques 
  • Tailored support - we work on the areas in your life and/or business that are holding you back the most so you can show up fully in your power
  • Nothing is off bounds - if it's causing you to not live in your fullest power we can work on it!
I'm Ready Sign Me Up!

3x Monthly Instalments


  • Exactly the same personalised coaching just paid in three easy instalments 
I'm Ready Sign Me Up!

40, single mum, multiple business owner & on a mission to shake things up! 

If we've not yet met let me introduce myself. 

I'm Heather Angell and I've been coaching and consulting incredible women like you since 2016. 

I'm not one for small talk or sugar coating the truth so I'm just going to say it.

The world would be a better place if more women were in positions of power.

There I said it.

Now please don't take that to mean I hate men. I don't.

But over the years they've done a really good job of f*cking things up for women and I believe NOW is the time for us to remember who we are, reignite that inner flame & reconnect with our innate power, wisdom & strength so that we can not only lead happier more fulfilling lives but also positively impact our clients, our families and our wider communities. 

By healing from our past & finding our strength in the present we can positively impact the future, not only for ourselves but for the future generations of women to come. 

This is why I created Reignited Woman

If you've had enough of settling for anything less than what you truly desire & deserve then I invite you to become a Reignited Woman.

If you've still got questions or want to explore if Reignited Woman is the right next step for you book a connection call and we can talk it through. 

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