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Being Productive Has Nothing To Do With Will Power


Being productive isn't about going through a massive to do list and giving yourself a pat on the back because you've got lots of stuff done in a day.

Being productive is not about getting more done. We've got to bust that myth straight out of the water because what I find is that I'll have people speak to me and say I don't understand why my business isn't growing, I don't understand why I'm not making the money I want and impacting the people I want to help, I'm doing so much, and these people are incredible. Give them a to do list and they will get through it.

The problem is when you're an entrepreneur, you have got to get really good at knowing what matters. You need to know what the priority is because doing lots of things is what used to be praised when we were employees, right? When we're at work, our boss would give us a long list of things to do and we would just work through them. As an entrepreneur, there's a million things we can spend our time on, but we have to know what the priority is.

That is being truly productive and you need to be productive in your business if you want it to grow, if you want to make more profit and you want to help more people. I have created a very simple download for you, which you can get by clicking the link around this video. It will show you the five steps that you can take every single week to work on your weekly plan. If you commit to using this every single week, you are going to be able to see where that busy work is and where the real focused work is. Being productive is about working on what matters, what's actually going to move the needle forward in your business. You are not going to make more profit and help more people if you just stay busy.

So I have a free download for you, which is going to show you the five steps that you can use every single week which you will be able to work through, taking that big to do list down to a small number of priority tasks. By working on these priority tasks, I'm making sure that you are always working on what matters, not just what fills your time.

You will be able to start seeing the growth that you deserve in your business. So click the link that's around this video and download your freebie, five-step planning process, and I look forward to seeing the growth in your business.



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