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How to Create 1 Months Content in Just 1 Day


Context switching and switching from one task to the other is wasting your time.

In this video, I'm going to share with you how to batch create your content and I'm really excited because I have refined this probably for about 18 months and I've got it down to a T. So now I'm sharing it with you, so you can shave hours off your week and batch create your content for an entire month.

So first step is you create a video. If you're scared of creating a video, you don't need a big setup, you just need your phone. Create a video of around three to five minutes long, no more than that, and that is the first piece of content done. This is what I do, I do it every single month. I create four videos at once with my amazing Videographer, the other side of this camera.

The next step is get that video transcribed using Now you can use any other transcription service, but I recommend temi, purely because it's 10 cents per minute of audio. A three minute video is going to cost you 30 cents to transcribe. So that's step two, get your video transcribed.

Then once you have that transcription, you can change it into a blog. All you need to do here is go through the transcription or get your VA or assistant to do it for you. Go through and just tweak it to make sure it's grammatically correct. Sometimes the way we speak and communicate doesn't always transcribe very well to the written word. So you want to make sure it's grammatically correct. You now have four videos and four blogs.

The next step is to go through those blogs and pick out snippets of the content that you can use in your social media. So from that video that's been turned into a blog, you now have four weeks worth of social media content and what you can do here, a great tip, take a quote or little snip out of that blog and then expand upon it for your social media audience.

The next step that I personally do is I record my podcast. I batch create my podcast because once I'm in the flow of doing something it's so much easier to keep going. Context switching and switching from one task to the other is wasting your time. So when you batch create, you're in the flow, you're in that creative moment and it is so much easier to get all of this stuff done in one go. So by those simple four steps, record a video, get it transcribed, create social media snippets and if you have a podcast, you can batch create your podcast as well. You can then have those scheduled onto your social media platforms and the search engines like Pinterest and YouTube. So that your business can be found and you can start engaging with your audience, and all of this can be done in one day.

I'm not joking, it can be done in one day. I get most of this done in one day because I have an amazing VA. She helps me so my input is only a few hours. Then my VA does all the uploading, all the scheduling for me. But if you don't have an assistant yet, carve out a day. If you're just starting out, maybe carve out two in a month, and batch create your content. I promise you, it's going to save you so much time rather than every week trying to think of things to say.

Just create one video, transcribe that video, and then you have your blog. Use that blog to populate your social media, and if you have a podcast, you can record your podcast in batches as well. Schedule a date each month so you know that that is your content creation day and then that's it. It's done for an entire month, and then you can just spend your time engaging with your audience.

I hope you found that useful. If you want any other tips or if you're looking at ways that you can engage more with your audience, come and join me inside my free Facebook group called freedom from one-to-one. The link will be somewhere around this video.



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