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An alternative way to approach your goals

Hey beautiful!

Let's have a little chat about your goals. 

Normally we talk about goals at the beginning of the year, end of the year or maybe at the beginning of the quarter. Goals are something we've been talking about a lot in my online membership group: Focused and Fearless. What I'm seeing a lot of, is that people have followed my advice: they've set these huge goals and they’re determined to go for it but are still 100% attached to the outcome of that goal.

People have shared with me that if they don't hit that goal, they feel rubbish. The pressure they're putting themselves under to achieve the goal is phenomenal. Actually, it's really detrimental because it's keeping them in this kind of panic, stuck, busy cycle of taking loads of action, but not being truly focused on taking one step, then another, towards their goal.

Instead, what people are seeing is this huge goal and thinking, "I've got to achieve this, I want to achieve this so badly, if I don't achieve it, it means I’m a failure, I can't do it, I should quit." All this negative stuff comes up because they're so attached to whether they achieve this goal or not. It means something so deeply to them that if they don't achieve this goal in the time frame they have set themselves then they're a failure or their business isn't working or they're doing something wrong.

Now, what I want to offer to you, if you are not at that point where you can set big goals and not feel attached to the outcome (which many of us aren't) – it is okay to feel that way!

I've only truly, hand on heart, been in that place for the last six months. I used to be well and truly attached to the outcome, I promise you. What I've started saying to my Focused and Fearless members is that if you want to actually set these huge scary goals but you're not at the point where you can 100% release the attachment, remove the timeline instead

Your goal, for example, may be to have a six-figure income year and then you’ll feel like you can take on the world (spoiler alert, it doesn't really change once you get to six figures, but let’s continue with the example 😊)

You want to achieve your first six figure year. Now, let’s say you’ve set yourself an end date, an arbitrary date you've created like 31st December 2019 and you want to achieve £100,000 in your business. If you get to November and you've got to maybe, £60,000 but the year before you only made £40,000, you have already started to become the person that makes £100,000 in their business, because you've already taken more inspired action!

You've already taken big steps to get there because you've already proved it to yourself. Your bank balance is showing that you've made £60,000 and you're only in November. You've still got a month to go!

So, it's about having that mindset of, ‘well actually I could keep going’ and do you know what? You might actually get to that £100,000 by the end of December, depending on your business model and your launches and all that sort of fun stuff you could get to £100,000 by the end of December or you could fall short.

Either could happen, but the date is something you can remove. Don't get to the 31st December and go “ah, I didn't do it, I didn't have my first six figure year. I'm a failure, I couldn't do it. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

Keep going.

If you've got to say, £80,000 by December, keep going, have that momentum and say, “I'm going to get to £100,000”. Don't just scrap it, thinking ‘it's the end of the year I'm going to set up a new goal and I set the goal too high because I didn't do it this year’. This is where we ended up self-sabotaging ourselves.

There's so much to this and I don't want overwhelm you.

I do want to give you this one tip: if you are not at the point of setting big goals and releasing attachment, if you're just not there yet and you do have attachment to those outcomes and you feel you desperately need to achieve these goals, remove the time element instead.

If you’ve set a goal to hit by the end of the month of attracting 10 new clients and you've only attracted 5 with only a week to go until the next month, don't freak out and sabotage yourself by focusing on that goal. Focus on the actions you need to take.

Take a breath, take a step back, re-evaluate and think, “right, if I am going to be and embody the kind of person that brings in those new clients, if I'm going to be the person that brings in £100,000 in my business, what actions do I need to take today?”

And then take those actions! Get off the busy cycle, take the inspired action to achieve your goal and if you don't hit it, it's okay! Because you are becoming the person that takes inspired, consistent action. You are becoming the person doesn't sit back and think ‘it's fine, it's just another bit of evidence that I don't hit my goals’.

Reach out if you would like any more information. If you want to get in touch you can contact me via my website or message me on Instagram @heatherangellcoaching It'd be great to speak to you.

Have an amazing day lovely!

Heather Xxx


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