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Are you making this Mindfulness Mistake?


As an entrepreneur, you've probably heard loads about mindfulness. I know I thought I had a mindfulness practice.

What I would do is I'd go out for a walk in the middle of my day or I'd be really conscious about going for a walk before I go and pick up my kids. But the thing is I wasn't actually using that time to be mindful. I'd have my headphones in and a podcast on or listening to a book. I wasn't actually letting my brain have any downtime at all, and this is something I see happening so much.

So many of my clients come to me and say, "I'm just so overwhelmed. "I've got so much going on. I just don't know what to do next." And it's because we never let ourselves just BE.

As an entrepreneur, I love to learn all the time. I love learning. I love podcasts. I love listening to audio books. The more knowledge, the better! But that means I was never giving my brain a chance to have a rest.

Can you imagine if you went to your personal trainer and said, I want to run a marathon. And they turned around and said, okay, well for 16 hours of the day you go running and you do that every single day. That would be crazy! But that's what we're expecting our brain to do. We're expecting our brain to be ON the whole time.

And it's just too much.

So something I would love to encourage you to do is when you are going for a walk or when you're going to go and give yourself some time out, do so just you. No earbuds in your ears, no podcasts, no books.. Just allow yourself to be present.

Just allow yourself to go for a walk. And notice the little things, and this may sound really silly, but notice how the weather's feeling. Is it windy? Can you hear the birds singing?

I go for walk around my local park pretty much every day just to get out of the office to refresh and re-energise. I do that now without trying to download a load of information and honestly, it's made the world of difference to my productivity and my performance.

So if you're an entrepreneur, and you want to reach that next level in in your business. Give yourself that time, 20 minutes each day just to go out, have a break. Notice what is going on in your world without putting your brain under so much pressure.

To your inevitable success,

Heather Xxx



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