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Burning the Boats is Terrible Advice


So it was a win or die situation.

Have you ever had a well-meaning motivational speaker tell you to burn the boats and go all in?

Well, I'm here to tell you today that is terrible advice. I work with coaches, therapists, and healers who usually have pretty thriving private practices and they love what they do. They come to me when they want to start to scale and move to a bigger audience and start doing one to many products. So maybe programmes, group coaching and memberships.

Now what you will have a lot of people tell you is that if you want to do that you need to go all in, burn the boats, step back, move away from one to one completely. I'm here to say that is not the only way of having a successful business. Burn the boats comes from hundreds of years ago when some guy apparently landed on the shores of Mexico and told his troops to burn the boats. So it was a win or die situation. I don't think we need to be quite that drastic in our businesses.

If you have a thriving coaching practice right now and maybe you absolutely love working with your clients one to one. You don't have to burn it all down just because you want to create a one to many model. If you have a desire to help more people and maybe you have a desire to move online so you can take your brand global, that's incredible. It doesn't mean you have to shut up shop in everything else. The way I work in my freedom from one to one Facebook group is go through your unique situation. What are you doing? how are you working at the moment? do you like working one-to-one? If you don't, we can look at replacing the income that you're generating with a one to many model.

If you still love one-to-one, then let's look at incorporating it in a different way so that you can still serve more people, help more people, make more money, but still incorporate some one-to-one as well. So if you are a coach, therapist, healer, consultant, and you're working one to one, and you're considering helping more people through group programmes, memberships, that sort of thing, please don't feel like it has to be one or the other. You can have both. Be highly profitable, wildly successful, and love your business.

So if you'd like to join us inside my free Facebook community, freedom from one to one, look around for the link next to this video.



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