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EP64 Talking Adolescent Mental Health with Caroline Jacobs


This episode is a little different to the usual content I share but it's a topic I feel very strongly about, the Mental Health of our young people.

Todays guest is Caroline Jacobs, Adolescent Wellbeing Expert for Teen Boys and Young Men.

In this episode we talk about how tweens & teens develop from children to young adults and what we can do as their parents to support them and maintain healthy and happy relationships whilst supporting a healthy approach to their mental health. 

To connect with Caroline and learn more about her work use the links below.

Available film package for Mums of Teen Sons -  ‘How to Feel More Connected With Your Growing Up Son’ 


Here’s how to get in touch if you’re looking for support for yourself or your son:


Check out Caroline’s website


Email Caroline on [email protected]


Or book a free zoom call for 15 mins in her online diary


Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn search for @carolinejacobslifecoach


To join Caroline’s ‘Mums  of Growing Up Sons’ Facebook group


Connect with me on Instagram 


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