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EP80 NEW! The Power Of Self Awareness (Part 1)


What would it take for you to stop and switch off from work, social media, family and all the demands of outside life for a whole week? 


For me it took major eye surgery. Even though I knew I was at breaking point I refused to stop. Until I was given no other option.


This is part 1 of what I intend to be a very open and honest account of the transformational lessons that have unfolded over the last few months in a hope that by sharing my stories you don't have to go to such dark depths or take as long as I did to find your own sense of clarity, belonging and joy. 


I'll be back on social media in a few weeks so be sure to connect with me on Instagram and I'll see you soon xxx 


PS The book I mentioned was Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliot PhD




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