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Focusing On This Will Keep You Broke


Let’s talk about Ego Metrics.

Ego Metrics are your Facebook likes, Instagram followers and subscribers. They are meaningless numbers and they do not equate to what is most important to your business right now – cash in the bank!

Did you notice that during lockdown, that you received a bunch of Facebook invitations to like random pages – such as your best friend’s Auntie’s dog groomers?!

Now, your best friend was being lovely and trying to help her poor old Auntie by getting her some new Facebook likes. Because she thinks that will help.

It won’t.

It’s actually going to screw up her Facebook’s algorithm, and instead of showing the Facebook page to people who might actually use her services – it’s going to show it to people like me.

I don’t have a dog. I will probably never own a dog. I’m not interested in dog groomers. I won’t ever buy from her. I am not her people.

So, please don’t do that!

Your followers need to be people you can engage and connect with. And it’s far better for you to have 100 engaged followers who might use you one day, to 1,000 followers who never will.

It’s old school. It’s damaging. It’s not being kind.

The beauty of social media is conversation and connection. When someone follows me on Insta, I check out their page and say hi.

And to those people, I focus my time and energy on supplying them with consistent, valuable and helpful content for them to use.

You’re welcome!

And that’s how you use social media, my friend. Give your true audience what they want. And in return, chances are, one day they’ll probably need your help. Ta-dah!  Or cha-ching!

Aim for True connection and let go of the Ego Metrics .

Heather Xxx


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