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How to keep it together during Covid-19

Yesterday was tough.
I felt the feelings of overwhelm creep up on Tuesday night and woke up yesterday feeling like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders.
I've not felt that way for years and it was horrible to have those waves of tension and anxiety crash down so unexpectedly.
I share this with you for two reasons
Firstly, because i don't ever want anyone to only see the polished "everything is great and I always have my shit together" side of my brand and business. Life is throwing some challenges at all of us right now and no matter how much I believe we will thrive and come out of this stronger I'm not immune to the scale of what we are all going through.
Secondly, and most importantly, I want to share the ways you can bring yourself back to a positive, calm and centred place if you are having a day where it all feels just a bit too much.
The things that worked to lift me out of my tense, tired and anxious state yesterday started with giving myself permission to feel what I was feeling and STOP. Then...
#1 A long hot bath with Epsom Salts & Coconut oil whilst listening to meditation music (so much great free relaxing music on YouTube)
#2 Journaling - honestly there is nothing better than getting your thoughts out onto paper
#3 I switched off my phone - our brains need a break from social media, news and all the other noise we are exposed to right now.
#4 Watched a trashy movie. If you know me well you'll know I don't really watch films - I find it a bit of a waste of time and i get easily bored but last night I just didn't want to think so i watched Love Happens on Netflix (it really is a terrible movie but I love Jennifer Aniston and it took less than one brain cell to follow the story #JustWhatINeeded )
#5 Meditated before bed
Today I feel ready to face another day.
To be there for my family.
To take care of my Focused & Fearless members
What about you?
What or who is helping you get through the tough days?
Let me know over on Instagram 
Much Love Xxx 

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