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How to Measure the Metrics that Matter


Whatever the metrics are in your business, it's crucial that you are measuring them from day one.

Are you measuring the metrics that matter in your business? If you're growing a business and in 2020 you want to reach your goals, you have got to measure the growth in your business. So what does measuring your metrics actually look like? For each business it is going to be different.

For me, I measure how many podcast downloads I'm getting because that shows how much I'm growing my online audience through my podcast. It might be your email list, the number of Instagram followers that you're having, the number of people that are downloading your lead magnet, and of course most importantly the money coming in and the money going out. Whatever the metrics are in your business, it's crucial that you are measuring them from day one because otherwise, how do you know if your business is growing?

The way I teach my Focused and Fearless students to do this is to have a spreadsheet where they track every single week what their numbers are.

When you know the data within your business you know how fast and how big you are growing. So when you look at the data that you've decided to measure, let's say for example, it is the number of people on your email list, every week you see how many more people have been added to your email list. The great thing about doing this weekly is that you can tell if you've done an advertisement campaign, maybe Facebook or Pinterest ads, as you will see whether they're driving that traffic and increasing your email list. You will know how well your lead magnet is performing so you can actually make decisions within your business based on data rather than just a kind of feeling that things are going in the right direction.

By doing this consistently over the next 90 days, I promise you are going to have so much clarity within your business and knowing what works and what doesn't. Rather than when you're looking at your marketing and doing that kind of throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks.

That's how a lot of us started out in business, and I can hold my hand up and say I did the same thing when I started as well. But when you are looking at what works in your business and you've got the data to back it up, you can do more of that and stop spending your time on stuff that's not working. So measure the metrics that matter. The key takeaway from this business is choose a handful of metrics to start measuring right now. Don't worry if you're choosing the right ones. Just start. An email list is always a great one to measure if you have an online business because you want to be able to grow a nurtured, engaged audience.

If you want help with this, please join me in my freedom from one to one Facebook group where we will be going through all of this. I do training on how to measure what matters and how to move away from the one to one and start incorporating a one to many model in your business. I'll see you in there.



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