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How To Stay Well And Productive While Working From Home


How do you manage the isolation of working from home and stay healthy, positive & productive?

We are living through some extraordinary times and here in the UK our Government has just released advice that companies should have as many employees as possible working from home.

Having run my company from my home office with a virtual team for over 4 years I know all too well the impact it can have on both mental & physical health not to mention productivity. 

Below are some ways you can adapt to working from home to ensure you stay physically well, mentally well and productive. 

1 Have a morning routine 

You will already have a morning routine even if you don't realise it. We are creatures of habit but if your morning routine involved grabbing a coffee before running out the door to commute to your office you now have the opportunity to create something new. for an easy morning routine watch this short video on what i do every morning to set myself up for the day. 

get dressed! 
OK so working from home in your PJ's may be a bit of a novalty right now and I definitely have days when I sit on my couch in my compfies with my laptop on my lap and a massive mug of tea but this needs to be an every now and again thing. 
Getting dressed and even putting on your make up the same way you would to go to the office helps you mentally prepare for a day at work 
have a dedicated working space 
if you are fortunate enough to have a spare room or a home office (aka the room you dump everything in because you don't know where else to put it!) now is the time for a tidy up and opportunity to make that your work from home space. if you don't have a separate room think about where you will call your "office" during office hours. Even if it is your kitchen table make sure that every morning that space is cleared of all the mess from breakfast, the kids toys and last nights wine glasses so you have a clear space to work in and use this dedicated space each day so you get into the habit of working from that space.
Take breaks & get outside every day 
So coffee with friends and other social gatherings are now not advised as we try and tackle this virus but at time of writing getting out in nature (at a safe distance from others) is still allowed. Do what you can to get outside and in the fresh air. Even if that means doing some deep breathing in the garden for 10 mins or taking a walk around the block. Natural day light is so important for our mental and physical health and will re energise you. 
set your hours - do not fall into working 24/7 
There are two parts to this one. Firstly it is very easy to fall into the trap of working long hours and always being available to your boss or customers. If you don't usually take calls at 9pm and there is no knew business need to do so make sure you switch off your work phone and "leave work" 
use zoom to co work with others 
Speak to people on the phone 
keep a diary / journal 
be mindful of what you are eating and drinking

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