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How Working With The Moon Can Increase Success


Oh my goodness, the difference it made in my business is insane.

Do you use the power of the moon to boost your business? Yes, I did say the moon this isn't some marketing strategy video. I am talking about harnessing the power of the moon, the big white thing in the sky. I want to share this with you because back at the end of 2018 I purchased a book, Moon Ology by Yasmin Boland.

Truth be told, it gathered dust on my shelf until about the middle of 2019 . I then read it through and I started using her diary and actually manifesting with the moon, which is what she recommends. Oh my goodness, the difference it made in my business is insane. I want to give you an example of ways you can use the lunar cycle to help you stay on track and actually keep tuned in with what you're working with.

In entrepreneurship, I truly believe alignment is so important because you can grow a business with ease and grace when you're not constantly pushing against what you shouldn't be working on.

So the way I use working with the moon is I work with the full moon and the new moon. There are many, many cycles and you can pick up her book and read all about it yourself. What I use is her diary. So this is the 2020 diary and I used her diary in 2019 as well. The full moon is all about releasing and letting go and forgiveness. It's really, really powerful to say goodbye to all the nonsense that might have happened the month before. Maybe someone's irritated you, maybe something didn't go quite so well in your business. It allows you to just let go of what's happened in the month before and allows you to be grateful for all the great things that have happened in your life and in your business.

The new moon is all about making your new moon wishes. That's what Yasmine calls them and that's what I love to do. Every new moon, you can set your intentions for the following four weeks. So this is a great opportunity for you to look back at the goals you've set for yourself and re commit to what you're working towards and maybe somethings have changed. Maybe you're feeling that actually you want to take your business in a slightly different direction.

So you're committing to new things over the next four weeks. It's really about you saying to the universe, this is what I want to create, this is what I want to bring into my reality. I write them all down on a piece of paper and I really feel how it will be when these things come into my reality.

Then if you've watched any of my previous videos, you know what's coming. I burn the letter. It goes straight in my fireplace. I burnt the list of things I want to bring into my reality and I let go of all attachment to the outcome. I've set my intentions, I've put it out into the universe and it is now down to me to take the aligned actions to make them happen. So this is what I do every single month. The new moon, full moon, it's a fortnightly cycle pretty much.

The story I want to share with you is back in 2019 around September time in a new moon, I set the intention that I really wanted to spend more time with my children. I wanted to be more present with them. Then I did my usual, burnt it, let it go. I will be totally honest with you, I forgot that that was the intention I set for myself. I made a note of it in my diary and then a few weeks later during a hypnotherapy session, she said to me, what do you want? And I said I really want to be present with my children. I didn't go there for that intention, but that's just what came up. At the end of that hypnotherapy session I came home and since that point I have been able to be far more present with my children. I am not thinking about work when I'm with them. I'm there for them. We have a great time together and I don't have that anxiety building up that I've got so much work to do or I should check my emails. It was only when I was looking back through my diary that I realised I'd set that intention at the new moon and completely let go of attachment to it. But it manifested beautifully exactly how it should do. So the new moon and the full moon are great tools for you in your business because it not only lets you let go and release the things that have not served you, but also really focus a recommit on what you want to achieve going forward.

I highly recommend you have a look. Get your hands on the diary, have a read through her book. Its Yasmine Boden. I'll put the links around this video. One of the other tools I love to use, especially at the new and full moon is White Sage. Okay, so it smells a little bit like a roast dinner, I'm not going to lie. When you do burn it for the first time, it has a unique fragrance, but it has been proven, if you want to call it that, to help cleanse the energy in the room.

I actually cleanse my entire house with this stuff. I did a huge Sage energy cleansing at the beginning of the year to allow the old to go and bring in the new. So this is something you can get on Amazon, just give it a Google, White Sage. Just make sure it's ethically sourced and produced. This is another thing I use when I do my new moon on my four main rituals. It's really, really worth you looking into alternative ways to keeping you focused in your business. As always, if you want to have a conversation about this or if you think I'm crazy, that's fine too, but hit me up in the DM’s on Instagram and let's have a conversation.


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