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The Power of Collaboration


As online entrepreneurs social media is an essential part of marketing, but something I see so often is entrepreneurs going out there saying, buy my stuff. 

Social media is so much more than that. The key thing I want you to take away from this video is social media is about collaboration. It's about relationships, and in fact, I'm actually going to embarrass my lovely videographer on the other side of this camera because this lovely chap is someone I met years ago when I didn't even own my coaching business.

I met Joseph when I was running a wedding planning company and we met through social media. We instantly clicked. He's a real like-minded entrepreneur, really passionate about what he does, and we have grown our businesses together.

Over the last few years our businesses have evolved. So when I had that relationship with Joseph as a photographer, as an amazing videographer back in 2015 who do you think I turned to when I needed a branding sheet for my coaching business? Joseph.

Who did I turn to last month when I decided I was going to up my video game and start getting some professional photos and professional video done, Joseph.

The reason I have this amazing videographer on hand is because we built that collaboration at the very, very beginning. We worked together on different projects. When I had that wedding business and as my business now has evolved and how his business has evolved, we've still kept that relationship going and this is what the power of social media really means to online entrepreneurs.

The collaborations I have got coming up over the next few months are mind blowing. I have connected with people in America, in Australia, and we're working together to help more people and get in front of bigger audiences.

How amazing is that, all without doing posts saying, buy my stuff. You can grow your business infinitely by realising that social media is about relationships and the collaborations that come out of those relationships, they hold no bounds. They can be endless. So my message to you, is if you're on social media and you feel like you're just banging your head against a brick wall because no one's buying your stuff, stop trying to sell to them. It's not just clients that are looking at your profile. There are other business owners out there, other entrepreneurs that may wish to collaborate with you, that could add value to your audience and you could add value to their audience.

So remember when you're scheduling your social media and you're showing up, think about everyone that you could be talking to. So the message I want to leave you with in this video is social media is not just about attracting clients. It's about building relationships and nurturing the amazing collaborations that can come out of those relationships.

If you want to know more, hit me up in the DM. I love speaking to people. I'm living what I'm talking about. I love to collaborate. I love to build relationships with people. So if you're an online entrepreneur and you're watching this and think yeah, we clicked, she has the same sorts of values, get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.


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