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What to do When You Feel Overwhelmed by Your To Do List


This is for all the hardworking hustlers out there who are doing everything they can think of to make their business work.

If you have a got a to do this as long as your arm and you're maybe sitting there thinking you don't even know what to work on first, this guru is saying to do this, this guru is telling you to do the opposite, what will work for your business? The one thing that you can do to give you the clarity and give you that momentum is take a day off. I know, sounds completely counterintuitive, but I promise you from my own experience and from that of my clients within Focused and Fearless, taking a day off is possibly one of the most useful, beneficial things you can do when you're in that oh my goodness, I'm crazy busy, I don't even know where to start mode.

Over Christmas, I really pushed myself to take time off. I'm a hustler at heart. I will work twenty four seven if I'm given the opportunity, but I took that time off and what transpired is so much clarity. I knew exactly the platforms I wanted to focus on. I knew exactly the marketing I wanted to do. The messaging all of a sudden became clear. The type of clients I wanted to work with became clear. By taking that time out, I was able to just relax and allow ideas to flow.

When you are sat at your desk tense doing all your stuff, you're not creative anymore and you can't allow those ideas to flow because you're blocking them out as you're working so flipping hard. So, if you are a bit stressed right now or you're just wondering where to even start, my advice to you is just step back. Take some time out, take an entire day off and allow the ideas to flow.

If you want my help, if you want my support, I now have a free Facebook group community. It's called freedom from one to one. Find the link around this video and come join us.



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