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Why "charging your worth" is utter nonsense.


I believe being told to charge what you're worth is incredibly damaging and it needs to stop.

You, my darling, need to charge what your services are truly worth.

You need to be charging what the results and the transformations are worth to your clients. This comes from your skills, expertise, experience and ability to serve your audience at the highest level possible.

And I know that sometimes it can seem like your business will never "make it" but let me be very clear:

The amount of money you have in your bank account right now is not a reflection of your SELF WORTH.

It is a reflection of your business.

It's a reflection of the beliefs you've held on to, the choices you've made and the actions you've taken or maybe not taken. Your self worth is always infinite, and you are deserving and worthy of abundance in all its forms.

Your net worth is not the same as your self worth.

What came up for you as you read this? 

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