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Why my pre-launch strategy is more sleep and smoothies than spreadsheets and stress


Let's be honest here my darling, if you have ever run a launch or a large promotion in your business you know that these are really high energy periods of time and they can leave you feeling pretty exhausted.

Depending on the launch strategy you choose you may be on video you may be running a challenge, running webinars however you decide to structure your launch you can't get away from the fact that it revolves around you showing up and bringing your A game and serving your audience to the best of your abilities.

This can be amazing fun but is also incredibly demanding on your time and energy.

Below I've given you my three top tips to help you maintain your energy in the lead up to your launch.  I want your next launch or promotion to be wildly successful but what I see too often (and I've done this myself) is we put in so much energy & effort in the pre-launch phase that we get to the point of launching and we're already exhausted!

Here are three things are really helping me keep on track and full of energy in the lead up to my membership launch which is happening in June. 

1  Monitor the content you are consuming

Be mindful of the books you're reading the podcast you're listening to and the webinars you're signing up for.  If you are just about to launch you do not need to be distracted by the latest new shiny marketing strategy! All this is going to do is make you second guess and question your plan you already have in place.  The joy of a live launch is you can pivot and tweak as necessary as you go but right now what's most important as you trust in yourself, your abilities and you go out there and serve your audience. Put a pin in  anything you come across that you think would be interesting to learn until after your launch. Now is not the time to confuse and overwhelm yourself with needless "how to" content.

2 Take care of your physical health

For me this takes the form of making fresh veg juices everyday and making sure that I exercise every single morning and get outside away from my office for some fresh air.  If you rely on working longer hours drinking lots of coffee and turning to refined sugars and junk food to keep your energy up you're going to go into your launch feeling sluggish and  and are at a much higher risk of coming down with a cold or becoming ill during your launch and that's the last thing you need right?

3  Get plenty of sleep

Now look, I do live in the real world and I know great launches  can involve a lot of moving pieces and in the past I have pulled a few  all-nighters to make sure that I have everything ready in time but this is not ideal. 

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that managing on 3 or 4 hours sleep a night is something to be proud of because it's not sustainable and it will come back and bite you come launch time. You cannot function at peak performance if you are tired.

What do you do to prepare yourself when you're going into a big promotion or a launch? Let me know & join the conversation with me on Instagram @heatherangellcoaching

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