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Why There Is No Right Way To Run Your Business During A Pandemic


I am so blessed that because I work from home, life hasn’t changed too dramatically for me, apart from the home-schooling thing! But of course, life, the world and the way I’m feeling is different. And like you, I’ve had good days and bad days.

There was a time a few weeks into ‘lockdown’, I read a very upsetting news story which knocked me for six. Before this I had been ‘shining bright’, showing up, doing the hustle! But this really affected me. I had to listen to what I needed at that time. And that was to switch off…

Switching off

I gave myself permission. I was honest with my clients and I said, “Do you know what, today I’m going to go offline and watch a trashy movie!” I don’t even like watching trashy movies! Give me a book or a documentary or some work any day! But boy, did I need it!

And what I learned from that, and what I want to share with you, is that there is no blueprint for this. There is nobody who can say, this happened before and this is what you should feel and how you should behave. This is the right thing, and this is the wrong thing.

We are all just figuring this out and navigating the situation as best we can.

There’s no right or wrong

So, if you wake up with a shed load of energy and a fire in your belly, and you desire to help and serve and show up, you do that, that’s beautiful. There is zero shame in selling something that will bring others help and joy. You don’t see Netflix, Zoom or Disney Plus offering you a free service!

But equally, if want to give yourself permission to do something else that feels right for you, then you get a “big yes” from me. No judgement here.

Productivity is not about working harder

Shine bright, show up and do your thing. And I don’t mean do a 12 hour day because you can. Working harder and longer does not make you more productive, and it will not drive your business forward, despite what you see on social media. It drives me crackers, romanticising all the time you have now and the fact that you have no excuses.

Being productive is about working on what matters and being effective. It’s about making a difference. Only you know what energy you have right now, and the messages you want to share. Listen to your heart’s desire and don’t be afraid.

You have talents, gifts and skills and if you haven’t got an online business but desire one, maybe now is your time to explore that. If that’s the case, maybe Focused & Fearless is for you.

If you want to join, you are most welcome. And I am currently offering increased benefits to help during this difficult time.

Now, please repeat after me, I will ignore other people’s opinion on what I “should” be doing and how I “should” be behaving, and instead I will do what feels good and what feels right for me.

Sending you loads of love and strength. You’ve totally got this x


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